Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Mother

“Do you think you will be a good mother?”
Hm, what a question….
But somebody may pose this question to you girl! My good friend once asked me this question….

Will I not be a good mother only because once I decided not to have children? Or because I from time to time tell you that I can’t have children around for more than two hours or so? Or what…?

Of course I will be a good m other if ever I have the chance or decide to be one!!

Motherhood for me is a gift, special gift for EVERY woman. This means, every woman potencially is a good mother for her children and even children all over the world. But whether a woman likes to become a mother or not is a different story. It is call right!

Yes, my dear sisters….it is your right to decide as whether you like to become a mother or not, mother of your own (biological) children or OF other people’s children!

But SOMEBODY QUESTIONS YOU as whether or not you will be a good mother? wait a minute…Unless the world defines it differently, then it is my belief that every woman is potencially a good mother. Somebody may challenge you by askling you as what you will say that everyday we read in the newspaper that a mother has abused her own children, or that a mother has abandoned her baby….

My response: if a mother ever comes to a decision as to abandone her own child this means she has reached a state where she can no longer carry the heavy burden and tension and pressure the male-dominated world is continously pushing over her…

I invite you to try to look at it closer! Then I believe you will look at it differently…

What do you think? Post you comments please…


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