Hi, welcome to my blog, this blog is like my front yard, in which I planted different kinds of flowers and veggies. they are all mixed, inviting butterflies, dragonflies, and bees to just come around and enjoy my small yet nice garden.

So in this blog you will find my various writings, from serious (usually my presented and or published papers), to my personal journals, to just some amusement I got from my traveling. So please go by category:

presented paper, published papers, personal journal, traveling notes.

Sometimes I also post interesting articles i find somewhere, for that I will put under category: borrowed paper.

My writings are quite varied, but mostly are on social issues. You can go under different tags: social transformation, politic, human rights, conflict, feminism, ecology, etc….

For English readers, you will find some of my writings are in English. In case you are interested in my Bahasa Indonesia writing, please just Google translate it.

The same applies for the Indonesian readers, silahkan google translate dari English ke Indonesia.

Your comments are most welcome!

Feel free to just copy and paste part of my writings, but just don’t forget to acknowledge me as the writer and my blog as the source of reference.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

Welcome again to my yard: marcia-yard


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